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Without complicated diets, meds or surgery


Live your best life in your freedom years.

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I'm ready to become pain-free
Yes! I'm ready for freedom!


Are you ...

  • Experiencing pain and inflammation that leave you wondering if the 'golden years' will really be that golden?
  • Forgetful and hazy and feel like your train of thought has left the station without you?
  • Feeling so low on energy you think your get-up and-go has got-up and gone?
  • Overwhelmed and confused about what you should or shouldn't eat?
  • Feeling alone because nobody seems to understand what you're going through?


I get it. I was there once too.


You'll learn to live with it

It's normal for your age

It's in your genes

These weren't true for me and they aren't true for you either.



There are effective, scientifically proven methods to increase energy and reverse inflammation naturally.  Many, many people just like you have resolved symptoms without meds, surgery or complicated diets. 

3 Reasons You Still Have Pain

You Haven’t Made YOU a Top Priority

Just like they say on the airplane demos, you need to put your mask on first before helping other people. Your body is telling you loud and clear that you need some tender loving care. By putting off your own self-care, you aren’t the person you need to be for you and the people you care about. 


Changing Habits is Hard by Yourself

Habits are built on subconscious programming, most of which developed before the age of seven. Creating new thought patterns requires a new set of practices which most of us were never taught, much less apply. And we need support while doing this. 

You've Only Been Using PART of You

You are not just a body. Trying to 'fix' just the physical body does not result in complete healing. You are a spiritual being who has a mind and a body. ALL parts of you need to be engaged for true healing to happen ... mind, body and spirit.



The Good News

With the right tools, guidance and support, you can put pain, lack of energy and feeling overwhelmed behind you. 

If you are willing to embrace all parts of you with intentionality, I invite you to join us in Wonderful Fine. In Newfoundland where I live, "wonderful fine" is an expression meaning the best version of fine.  That's what I want for you.

Become Wonderful Fine by Design.

On the Inside

You’ll find the resources, the encouragement and the motivation you need to move away from inflammation and toward freedom.  

I’m Jane Hogan. As a civil engineer I’ve always been a problem solver, but my biggest problem of all was chronic pain … and I solved it. Helping other people became such a passion that I trained to be a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.  Now I can help YOU too, like I’ve helped so many of my clients. 

I am going to show you just what I have been doing myself. I know the struggles but I also know the glorious freedom that comes with making these lifestyle changes, trusting your body and your inner wisdom.  I am worth it.  You are worth it too.



Jane has been a great support, role model and coach. Skin issues with eczema are gone and the chronic hip pain I used to experience is greatly reduced. I have really enjoyed the weekly lessons, resources and coaching sessions with Jane and the other members of our group. This journey has been a wonderful fine experience! I am looking forward to growing and learning more in the year to come!


New Hampshire

Being part of this group is like being at a wellness retreat with like-minded people who want to learn how to get out of chronic pain not just get a prescription to mask symptoms. Jane is fun, smart, kind, uplifting and respectful and works hard to help us achieve our goals. We share ideas and encourage each other with privacy and no judgement. I feel better now than I did ten years ago!



Jane is compassionate, non-judgmental, and an excellent communicator. She uses a holistic approach involving mind, body, and spirit to help a person become their best self. She is there in a loving way to support you through the peaks and valleys of the journey. You'll gain a sense of peace in body and mind. Give yourself the gift of Wonderful Fine, you have everything to gain!


It's designed for people who:

  • Have inflammation, pain, lack of energy or feelings of overwhelm and know it's finally time to put YOU first

  • Are interested in a more than a band-aid solution to regain health and vitality by turning on the body's innate ability to heal so you can have freedom again

  • Are looking for a supportive, fun group of like-minded people who are on the same path as you

  • Would like guidance from a health coach, mind-body-spirit educator and from a person with personal experience in overcoming pain to become an even better version of themselves


It's NOT for people who:

  • Want a quick fix
  • Are only interested in working on physical solutions
  • Aren't open to seeing how science and spirituality work together for healing


Everything You Need in One Place:

What's Included in Wonderful Fine:

  • Monthly wellness themes, video lessons and corresponding workbooks
  • The Wonderful Fine by Design Success Guide and six-step DESIGN Success Path
  • Monthly workshops with amazing guest wellness experts
  • Twice-monthly group coaching sessions in Zoom
  • Unlimited written coaching Q&A
  • Weekly gentle yoga & breathwork classes 
  • Access to our Facebook Community where Jane goes live each week for inspiration and guidance

Everything is recorded so you can take advantage of them whenever and where ever you want


I am also including these fabulous BONUSES to make the decision to join Wonderful Fine an absolutely easy one:

BONUS 1: $150 registration fee WAIVED

BONUS 2: Library of guided healing meditations valued at $350 - FREE

BONUS 3: Library of wellness workshops with guest experts valued at $660 - FREE

BONUS 4: Transformational Mornings Blueprint PDF valued at $40 - FREE

BONUS 5: Food and lifestyle tracking journal valued at $40 - FREE

BONUS 6: Clear and Simple Food Reintroduction Guide PDF valued at $40 - FREE

BONUS 7: Kitchen Starter Kit and Recipes valued at $40 - FREE


 That’s over $1320 in bonuses when you join Wonderful Fine today! 


What's the Investment? 

Your first month is normally $150 registration fee plus $47 as membership comes with so many high-value welcome gifts. But during this limited-time offer, your first month is just $197 $47… and it’s just $47/month after that! 

Or, pay just $470 for the year and enjoy two free months of Wonderful Fine!

$470 for 1 year

Join me in Wonderful Fine. I'd love to help you become Wonderful Fine too. 

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

- Buddhist proverb


I believe you are reading this for a reason. You were guided here. You are ready. I have learned so much I want to share with you and I want to help you become Wonderful Fine too. 

Reversing pain and regaining energy and peace naturally IS possible and you have the wisdom in you to know how to do it.  I can help you tap into that wisdom and teach you how to use it to create a future you love, free of pain so that you can become the most wonderful fine version of you!

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