Jane's Faves

If you know me, you know I never recommend a product until I have thoroughly vetted it! All of the items below are things I use in my own personal life that I love and that are good for the Earth too. My goal is to create a super easy and informative list for you...with links for EASY shopping. Enjoy!


Harmoni Pendant 

EMF Protection 

Save up to 66% here. Help protect you and your loved ones from the EMFs that are now ubiquitous.

Vibrant Blue Oils

59% off Parasympathetic Blend

Calm the nervous system instantly with this proprietary blend of high-quality essential oils by Jodi Cohen. Save 59% (US & Canada) with my special link here.  

Tru Energy Skincare

Energy Infused Radiance

Give the gift of radiant skin with an energy-infused, all-natural skin care system. Save 64% with my special deal here.  


Raven Maven

All-Natural Mascara

Shop natural products at Living Libations here. Looking for an all-natural mascara without toxins that actually works? I’ve tried so many that don’t, but Living Libations makes a lovely non-toxic mascara, Raven Maven, plus so many other amazing products.

Chef's Foundry

Toxin-Free Ceramic Pans

77% off here. Keep your food healthy by cooking on pans that do not release harmful chemicals.)


Top Quality Air Filter

Save $120 and up here on AirDoctor. Keep the air you breathe clean with these high-quality room filters.

Echo H2O 

Hydrogen Water Makers

Save 20% with code echo20. Make your own hydrogen water for elevated energy, sharpened focus, and reduced inflammation. With 1250+ studies backing the transformative benefits of hydrogen-enriched water. 


Truly Free

Save on my favorite chemical-free laundry detergent and household cleaning products.  The skin-safe refillable detergent for those who want fresh, clean clothes without toxins. 

Magnesium Breakthrough

With 7 Forms of Magnesium

My favorite magnesium supplement here with seven forms of magnesium needed for over 300 chemical reactions in the body and no junky fillers.

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