Kind Words

What Makes My Heart Swell?
Seeing my clients transform their health and find freedom from pain.

As you read the stories of these amazing people, keep in mind that these are all real clients. No one is ever compensated for what they write. Instead they paid me - and invested in themselves - to help them achieve their health goals.

They all had good reasons to change, and good reasons not to change. It's not easy to make lifestyle changes. Some felt more stuck than others. The common denominator? They all found the courage for change.

They applied themselves, followed my framework, and pushed through big challenges, old fears, and limiting beliefs to succeed in finding freedom from pain and creating a life they love. They rose above and outgrew their problems. It's not easy, but it sure is worth it!

Having Jane as a functional medicine health coach was a wonderful gift I gave myself. Jane helped me make what seemed to be a hopeless task into something achievable. By sharing information on gut health, proper nutrition, recipes, encouraging meditation, positive mindset and exercise, Jane has set me on the right path to feeling consistently healthier. She fine tunes each session and makes suggestions specifically for you. Jane made me feel supported, cared for and cheered for. Jane has a beautiful gift.

— Julie, Newfoundland and Labrador


“I’ve gotten so much more than I ever expected from Jane’s coaching

With Jane’s guidance, I was able to gain control of the overwhelming emotions of feeling defeated with my health condition. Working with Jane has changed my life. Jane is committed to helping people. She has a very calm and relaxed way of making you feel supported in the process of improving your health and wellbeing. She has a tremendous passion for wanting people to feel good, in both mind and body.

Jane has taken out the stress of not knowing where to start and feeling alone in my autoimmune condition. Jane has taught me so much. Such things as: food triggers, healing a leaky gut, good fats, meditation, breathing exercises, meal planning/organization, mind and body connection and positive self-talk. There are still some days that I go off track, because life happens! But I always go back to the basic lessons that Jane has taught me to regain balance in my health and life. She is always there to answer any questions I have.

Jane motivates me every day to make better choices and to be kind to myself. I can’t think of a better gift one could give themselves that joining Jane Hogan Health!”

- Renee, Newfoundland and Labrador

You feel warm and comfortable the minute you meet Jane. She has such a beautiful, caring demeanour. Jane is amazing at helping you uncover what is really going on and gently works with you to set and achieve goals to improve your health. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

— Amara F.

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