Break Up With Sugar

Free Yourself from Inflammation and Pain

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Are you ready to break free from the harmful effects of sugar on your health?
Welcome to the "Break Up with Sugar" 5-day course, where you'll learn how to eliminate sugar from your diet for good. Say goodbye to inflammation and pain, and embrace a healthier, more vibrant you.

In this transformative course, you will:

✔️Understand the addictive nature of sugar and why we've become so dependent on it

✔️Discover how to identify hidden sugars in foods, empowering you to make informed choices

✔️Learn effective strategies to overcome sugar cravings and develop healthier habits

✔️Gain insights into the detrimental impact of sugar on your well-being, just like a toxic relationship that keeps holding you back


Listen to what others are saying about the "Break Up with Sugar" course:

"This course opened my eyes to the damaging effects of sugar on my body. It provided practical strategies to break free from its grip and alleviate my chronic pain. I feel empowered and healthier than ever."

Rachel S.

"Breaking up with sugar was one of the best decisions I made for my health. This course provided the knowledge and support I needed to make sustainable changes in my diet. Highly recommended!"

Mark P.

"The 'Break Up with Sugar' course helped me understand the emotional attachment I had to sugar and how it was impacting my pain levels. Now, I have the tools to make healthier choices and live pain-free."

Emily T.

Course Details

➡️ Duration: 5 days (or at your own pace)

➡️ Less than 30 minutes per day commitment

➡️ Eye-opening lessons on the addictive nature of sugar and its hidden presence in foods

➡️ Practical strategies to beat sugar cravings and embrace a healthier lifestyle

➡️ Lifetime access to course materials for ongoing support and guidance

Ready to break free from the grip of sugar and experience a life free from inflammation and pain?

Enroll in the "Break Up with Sugar" course today and take control of your health.

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Partner with a Functional Medicine Certified Coach

Jane Hogan, The Wellness Engineer, a renowned expert in holistic healing, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher and breathwork coach, brings years of experience and passion to guide you through this life-changing course.

We are confident in the effectiveness of the "Break Up with Sugar" course. If, after completing the course, you don't experience improvements in your health and pain levels, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.