Take Control

of Your Health

Imagine … you’ve created a life you love with freedom from pain.

The inflammation, the pain, the fatigue no longer define you.

You have energy and you feel exhilaration.

This can be your story.

Follow my process and you’ll begin to notice improvements right away. In the weeks and months to follow, you’ll undergo a complete transformation in your health … and your life.

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Five-Day Mini-Courses

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Living Pain-Free Membership

Join my community for pain-free living

If you have inflammation, pain, lack of energy or feelings of overwhelm and know it's finally time to put these behind you so that you can live life on YOUR terms, get the resources and support you need to do just that.

You’ll find the resources, the encouragement and the motivation you need to move away from inflammation and toward freedom by following my clear six-step success path. 

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Other Courses and Programs

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Partner with a Functional Medicine Certified Coach

In my own path back to vitality after being taken down by autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis, I learned how to listen to my body and inner wisdom. I learned the mindset and methods needed to support my health and allow me to flourish again … to become the best, most wonderful fine version of me.

At the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, I received world-class training in functional nutrition, mind-body medicine and how to use lifestyle to address root causes of illness.

An investment in yourself is the best investment you can make.

Invest in Your Future Self Today

Your only true wealth is your health. You can stay where you are now or you can make a change today and change the trajectory of your life. Know that my prices increase at least once a year. The sooner you act the sooner you benefit.

My dream is to help people transform their lives so they can have more energy, release pain, create calm in their lives and transform into the best version of themselves.

Clients tell me that I help them gain clarity and focus on what really matters so that they can honour themselves with lifestyle choices that support their body, mind and spirit for complete wellness.

Are you ready to transform your health?

My coaching is designed to be a commitment to your future self. Your body is your only vehicle to travel this life experience … and that is worth investing in.

If you are OK with living with inflammation and pain and are not ready to make changes which will support your body and mind, then we are probably not a good fit at this time. And that’s OK.

BUT if you ARE ready to find freedom from pain and transform into the best version of you, then I would love to help you.